The Parish Council have received an update on the submitted comments to the public consultation which was held in the summer.  It is pleased to report that Renhold parish recorded an exceptionally high level of responses (over 200) and in the document summarising the key responses received a number of references are made to Renhold and Salp End.  To view this document please visit http://www.bedford.gov.uk/environment_and_planning/planning_town_and_country/planning_policy_its_purpose/local_plan_2035.aspx

The Parish Council are also aware of the public consultation taking place regarding the Bedford Town Centre Masterplan consultation from 4th to 31st October.  The document highlights the potential for redevelopment of the town centre as well as the capacity for up to 2,000 new dwellings.  This 2,000 figure was not included in the previous Local Plan 2035 consultation, so the Parish Council responded supporting the principles that development should occur in the town centre close to established infrasturcture.  To view the Parish Council's response in full please visit the News Folder 2017 under Official Council Documents.