Renhold circulation list - have you joined?

From time to time there is a need to advise residents of Renhold of an event they may need to be aware of or when action is required at short notice.  This may be notice of road works / road closures, or important consultations from the local authority that may impact on the parish.

The Parish Council also circulated their meeting agendas through the village circulation list

Many organisations now operate e-mail based circulation lists, where addresses are held centrally and can be used to get information to residents quickly and, importantly, at no cost. The Parish Council would like to establish such a list for Renhold. The list would be held by the Clerk, Mrs Lizzie Barnicoat, only she would have access to it, and it would not be made available to other organisations. The list would be used to circulate information of relevance to Renhold, and would only be used when agreed by the Clerk, the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council.

 We appreciate that not everyone has access to e-mail. Getting a message out speedily is the first priority, with the hope that it can then be shared with neighbours and friends who may not have e-mail.

 The Parish Council can only include your e-mail address on the circulation list with your approval, and you can request that it be removed at any time. If you are interested in being included on the list can you please contact the Clerk.