Renhold Parish Election UPDATE

Following the advertisement of the Parish Councillor vacancy some months ago, a number of electors have written to the Borough Council formally requesting that an election be held to determine the filling of the current Parish Councillor vacancy.

Notices were displayed to invite residents to stand for election, for the vacancy, which is in The Spires Ward of Renhold, this includes the Spires and Aspire housing developments.

No one stood for election on either the first or second time residents were invited to stand.  So the process will commence for a third time on 4th December when residents can stand for election.  To stand for election you must be on the electoral role, your proposer and seconder MUST both live in the ward (i.e. in Spires or Apsire) and you must deliver your completed nomination pack to Borough Hall by 4pm on 12th December.  If an election is called it will take place on 11th January.  Please feel free to contact Lizzie, the Clerk on 771702, for more information.

Please note you do not have to be a resident of The Spires Ward to stand for election.

The relevant notices and nomination pack can be found under Official Council Documents and the News Folder