Parish Councillors


Renhold Parish Council has 9 Councillors in total, below is a list of the Councillors there are three vacancies at present.  The Councillors information and any other roles within the Council and contact information for them are listed below:

Mr Martin Warwicker contact: 07983 156845

Mrs Susan Brunsden contact: (01234) 266281

Mr Richard Cook (Vice Chair) contact: 07590 485065

Mrs Amanda Quince (Chair) contact (01234) 870704

Mr Daren Rayner contact 07825 950693

Mr Ian McIver contact 07968 568057

Mrs Margaret Dean contact (01234) 771520

Mr Julian Polhillcontact 07808 773557

Mrs Nicky Gribble contact 01234 771994

Page updated June 2019